To the people who still read this blog, thank you. There isn’t much to say about the quake these days, although it continues to affect our lives, and probably will continue to do so for a long time. But we’re all right and things have mostly returned to normal, at least in Tokyo. I just finished working on the English version of an NHK program about Tohoku, and even the sixth time going through the script, it still made me cry.

For a lighter take on what’s happening here, I started another blog.

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2 Responses to Detour

  1. Berneil Mueller says:

    Eda, I’ve been remiss in reading your blog regularly, but I do think of you often. I’m glad to hear that life was relatively boring yesterday. Take care! Berneil

    • Eda says:

      Thanks, Berneil. Nobody much reads that one anymore, so I appreciate your stopping by. Of course, I haven’t written much lately, except the detour. Hiroshi got the job, by the way. Yay! I think of you, too, and hope you are well.


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