Belated Update: July 20

I guess I missed the deadline for the four month update, but since I make the rules here, I forgive me. I was away and only got back on July 11, so I’ll cut me some slack.

At this point, there’s not much to add. Austerity continues. Lights are still turned off. Some stuff is still not available, maybe never will be. Everyone is trying to conserve electricity. In addition to the nightly TV weather report, Tenkiyoho, we are getting Denkiyoho, which means electricity report. (It’s a pun. Leave it to the adorable Japanese to come up with something like that.) Last I checked, we are consuming 85% of the electricity TEPCO is currently able to produce, but the truly icky summer weather hasn’t kicked in yet. We just had a three day weekend which was stinky hot, but we took refuge in a friend’s big expat house that has central air conditioning. Today is not so bad, but only because there is a typhoon trying to decide whether or not to come this way, so it’s cooler but rainy and very humid.

Apparently, the typhoon is huge, over 1000km in circumference, but they usually take one look at Tokyo and flee, or at least that’s how I see it. More likely is that they always come from the south and once they hit land they lose momentum, but I like the image of a powerful, macho storm tucking its tail between its legs and running away, much like a playground bully getting his comeuppance.

The city overall is quieter than I’ve ever known it, fewer cars and people around, but there’s little to complain about there.

While we were hiding in the air conditioning, the three of us worked on a real bear of a jigsaw puzzle, hardest one I’ve ever done. We put in maybe a total of 20 man-hours and only got half of it done, but the companionable silence and occasional jibes at each other were comforting. Jigsaws used to be a family activity when I was a kid. I hadn’t done that in years.

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