Update: March 26

I am pleased to report that there’s nothing much to report. No noticeable aftershocks yesterday or today. Kitty is asleep on my lap. Most stores have milk; bottled water is not to be had. Between the two of us, we went to 11 different stores before we found pink grapefruit juice, but if we can still get something as obscure as that, we’re doing all right. And yes, it’s a bit silly to waste all that time on something like pink grapefruit juice, but we both really like it, today is Saturday, and I don’t want to do the work I’m supposed to be doing. Plus, at this point, I think we’ve earned some silliness, or at least a modicum of normality, and silliness is pretty normal for us. I think the universe will forgive us if we take a little time to be gentle with ourselves.

One thing that did finally strike me is that this isn’t temporary. The electricity situation is not going to be solved anytime soon, but if they never turn Shibuya back on, that’ll be OK with me. Reconstruction will take years, and in the meantime, there will be shortages, but I think we can adjust to that. All this may seem obvious and I’m not dense; it’s just that until now getting through one day at a time took all my concentration. I didn’t have the energy to think about the future. Now that I’m not so scared all the time, I’m curious about what additional and unexpected effects this will have on all our lives.

The milk we bought today was Tokyo brand. Never heard of it. And the address on the box is Minato-ku, which is in central Tokyo, and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any cows there. Curiouser and curiouser. Worried about not being able to get milk for our coffee, mysterious Tokyo brand or not, we bought a bottle of that non-dairy creamer crud, just in case. Creap brand. I kid you not.

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