Update: March 23

Fallout comes at us from unexpected angles. Part of yesterday’s work was making some changes to the materials we’re producing. One thing was a story book that had the word “earthquake” in it. We took it out. There was also supposed to be a surfing competition on the CD-ROM. They said we may be erring on the side of caution, but, well, waves… I got the point. Back in 1995, I was still localizing Sesame Street for NHK when the Kobe quake hit. In the show, there was a Muppet bull-in-a-china-shop scene with a lot of crashing and banging. We thought it prudent to cut that scene. A friend who was living there at the time said she had to use a shovel to clean up her broken dishes.

We had to go to four stores to find milk today, but we did find it.

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