Update: March 20

Today has been a nice day. The sun is shining and things are warming up.

There was another small quake last evening. Hiroshi was very impressed that my reaction was to calmly reach over and turn off the gas heater. Aftershocks continue to be unnerving but I’m going to be positive today.

Rice is mostly not to be had, but Hiroshi found some basmati on the Interwebs so I made chicken and rice, which was quite tasty. Still trying to conserve electricity, I’m making things that can be cooked on the stove so I don’t have to use the oven. Speaking of food, today I had a total Jones for a hot dog, slaw and baked beans, things not easy to get at the best of times, so I didn’t even try. I guess I’m craving comfort food. I had Thai pineapple rice instead and it was delicious.

A pop into the drug store showed that one cannot get diapers, toilet paper or sanitary napkins. Japan must be very concerned with the state of its bottoms. Good news for you incontinents, though: adult diapers are still available. The lack of tissue must be a problem for some since its pollen season and nearly everyone is allergic to it. That’s the reason for the masks you see people wearing. Nobody is stupid enough to think a surgical mask will block radiation. I read in the paper that people in China think iodized salt will cure radiation poisoning so it’s all been snapped up. Weird. Fukushima is on the Pacific Ocean side of the country and the wind blows to the east. Our spring wind comes from China, actually, and it leaves a lovely covering of fine, grey dust on absolutely everything.

Stores seem to be pretty well stocked but still have their lights dimmed, which is kind of nice. A lot of people are out because of the nice weather, but they’re still mostly subdued, except for a group of young people near the station wearing red jackets and shouting rather aggressively for disaster relief donations.

It’s hard to believe it’s only just over a week since the quake. Feels like a month of Sundays.


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