Update: March 16

I was getting very twitchy yesterday, too many very worried emails coming from home. Apparently the US news is over-hyping just how bad the situation is here. There’s some radiation but not enough to pose a major threat. The Fukushima power plant is more than 200k from here. The problem is that with all four reactors being blown, there’s not enough electricity to power Tokyo, so train service is still sporadic and TEPCO is scheduling blackouts, but fortunately not in the cool kids neighborhoods, so we won’t be affected. Plus the shortage is not as bad as was anticipated because people have been amazingly cooperative about conserving electricity. Most offices and schools are closed. Many stores have dimmed their lights, which is kind of eerie, but they don’t have anything to sell anyway. The government has said there is plenty of reserve stock and people should try to remain calm. The main concern is that there won’t be enough supply for the people who need it up north. They get priority, of course.

Much of the expat community has already bugged out to places like Hong Kong and Singapore. Others are just trying to move south. We can’t leave the kitties and we can’t take them with us, so we’re not going anywhere. I can only hope that this won’t prove to be a stupid decision.

On a lighter note, I saw in today’s paper that the guy who does the AFLAC duck’s voice in the States Twitted (a most appropriate word) some rather tasteless comments about our current situation and promptly got fired. I know the guy who does the duck here and he’s a very nice person who would never do something like that.

I was trying to be more positive today, but we’re just now having another series of aftershocks. They say this could keep happening for as long as a month. It’s not something you can ever get used to. People keep saying, “Never mind. We’ll do this or that when things get back to normal.” Is that ever going to happen?

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